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We provide high bandwidth web hosting, high-demand media streaming, and usenet services and outsourcing to individuals and ISP's.

Information Couriers transfers over 7 Terabytes per day of the Internet's most demanding data services.

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Terms Of Service
Last Modified: July 14, 2009

By using any services provided by Information Couriers, Inc., you (referred to as "The Client") are agreeing to the following Terms Of Service (also referred to as the "TOS").

Information Couriers, Inc. (referred to as "The Company") does not make any guarantee of services or quality of service not directly stated on The Company's website(s) and/or advertised by The Company.  The only services The Company claims to provide are that of a normal web host, media streaming service, and usenet service provider.  Each service must be subscribed to individually and is offered separately to The Client.  Unless otherwise stated, all services are offered as a "best efforts" service.

If you ever desire technical support or assistance with a configuration, please contact us.

The Company is not responsible for the actions of it's users.  You take full responsibility for your actions, and any damages incurred by using any service provided by The Company.

Any refund of service fees; lawsuit, judgment, or other action against The Company shall be limited to one month's service fees paid by the Client.
Any civil legal actions against The Company must be filed within 30 days of the alleged offense.

The Company reserves the right to comply with a court order from any U.S. State.

The Company does not allow posting bulk messages, unsolicited commercial posts, or SPAM.  Any spamming of any sort committed by the Client is a breach of the The Company's Terms Of Service, or TOS.
Any client using servers provided by The Company to send SPAM of any kind will have their account terminated, and will be charged $75 per message.

Abusive, harassing, and threatening posts, web sites, content, or media streaming, are specifically prohibited.

Users that engage in illegal activities, breach the TOS, or SPAM will have their accounts terminated without refund, and will have copies of their account information sent to the proper authorities.

You must be 18 years of age or older (21 where required) to use this service.

The Company is not responsible for the content downloaded and/or viewed as a result of using this service.  Such content is outside the control of The Company, and may not fit your community standards.  It is your responsibility to not violate your community standards.

No service provided by The Company may be used to commit copyright infringement, or any other illegal action(s). Breach of the TOS will be determined at the sole discretion of The Company.

Accounts may only be used for personal use, unless otherwise specified. Usernames and passwords can not be shared, and only one IP is allowed to be logged in to an account at any one time. Passwords are not to be shared, and will be cause for termination of your account, and forfeiture of funds paid, as well as billing for each simultaneous connection as a separate $12.95/Month account. Keep your login data secure.

Refund will be issued immediately upon request if the service has not yet been used, The Client finds the service not to their liking after use sufficient to test services, or The Client is unable to access after purchase for whatever reason (generally being technical issues, firewall configuration, etc.).  No refunds will be granted for any reason after account usage greater than 10 percent of the account transfer limit.  To cancel your account, you must e-mail support with your username and e-mail address used when signing up, and your account will be terminated.

You must allow two days from the date you send your cancel request for the account to be terminated.

The Company's Privacy Policy is that no customer information is shared with any outside entities. This includes, but is not limited to, your account information, statistics with us, your name, e-mail address, and billing information. This information is held by The Company and the processing agent.
Please do not ever send your full card number via e-mail, this will never be requested by any employee of The Company.
You grant The Company the right to send service updates/account notices to the e-mail address you submit.  The Company will not distribute this address outside of The Company.

If any part of this Terms Of Service, or TOS, is not legally enforceable, or not valid for any reason whatsoever, the remaining portions of this TOS will not be nullified.

The Terms of Service may be changed at any time, with or without notification.  It is the Client's responsibility to watch for TOS updates.  The date of the last modification will always be posted at the top of the TOS.  Any Client not agreeing to the TOS, after a modification, must cancel their account within 24 hours.

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